Farmer Owned. Crafted by Nature.
Farmer Owned.  Crafted by Nature.

Our Story

Let's be honest, starting a wholesale food and spirits distribution company is probably not the wisest way to ease into middle age.   Jim could have bought a sports car and Gloria could have spent 3 months in Europe , but really what does that get you?  You end up with a bunch of pictures on your phone, credit card charges and a car your son drives more than you do.


We both kept coming back to creating a business  model in which we would be in charge of our own destiny and  be available to help others who might want to use our distribution company to market their own products. We also knew we wanted it to be centered around and limited to, our passion for farming tree nuts and the people in the industry whom we have worked with for 25 years.  



Our Core Values

Integrity and Loyalty

We believe that being truthful, reliable, honest and committed are the foundation of a healthy organization.  We will look for these qualities in our partners and in the talent management teams that works with Velvetree.

Respect for People and Faith in Human Potential

We believe that the people we work with have enormous reservoirs of untapped potential – potential to learn, to grow, contribute and to lead.

Collaboration, Inclusiveness and Transparency

We believe that change becomes possible when we work collaboratively and include multiple voices. We strive for transparency and clear communications.

Stewardship of Natural Resources

We keep at the fore front of every decision that the ingredients we use and every dollar spent are not wasted. We believe in being good stewards of human resources and will strive to make all members feel included and valued in the success of Velvetree.

Celebration, Appreciation and Recognition

We understand that we have taken on innovative and unchartered work, and so despite our sense of urgency to make and deliver a product, we will take time to laugh, celebrate small wins and appreciate each other.

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